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#1 Stork Delivery

Hello, Percy Flight here, special delivery man. We are going to take you on a nice walk through The Verses of Wisdom Book, 31 thought provoking and often amusing verses all linked to The Life Tree Picture. We’ll cover each one for you, explaining what it means and pointing out if it links into any of the ‘core values’ we talked about in our last blog.

Verse one, page 6 in the book, sees me, Percy Flight, zooming in with a new arrival, a little girl it seems by the pink ribbon around her tail!

Megan is delighted; she’s been waiting for this new arrival for quite some time and Milly White also welcomes the new born.

Core Value link – That nature in all her forms is wonderful and should be appreciated and respected.

Isn’t it the case that new life, of almost any kind, makes us all smile 😁.

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