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#6 Slides and Having Fun

Hello everyone, so far we’ve covered quite a lot in the previous 11 Blogs. If you’ve missed any you can catch up on the website.

Today we look at verse 6, page 16 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

This verse relates directly to one of the ‘core values’ we talked about in an earlier Blog.

Core value link - Give children time to be children, they grow up fast enough and life is so short!

Technology plays a key role in everyday life and for children it is a key part of their education in school but let’s not forget the simple and basic things for children to enjoy, allow them to be young and free, as we know there are many challenges ahead as they grow up.

Staring at a tablet, playing video based games, communicating every which way on social media is all part of modern day life but there are still simple things we can all enjoy and are also equally important.

Allow children to be children. We all grow up fast enough and so as parents it’s important to encourage kids to play, act daft, enjoy fresh air, sport and walks with muddy puddles.

As parents do daft things with your youngsters and you may find that it helps to keep you young to, remember the words of Beryl Bliss, page 54, verse 25, ‘age is just a number’!

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