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‘A Cautious Swim’ Written and Presented by Cola Spangle #10

Hi All, Cola again, I hope you are enjoying the inside story all about The Life Tree. Verse 4, page 12 of the book, is really important to understand.

Winnifred Beak with her kids, all her friends call her Winnie, or Win, in actual fact her first name is Catherine but no one ever calls her this, we don’t really know why.

She is a great Mum and encourages Eli, Eddie and Mo to enjoy their swim but she’s on guard, look who’s watching in the background, Anthony Snapper, he’s a dangerous guy.

Interesting Fact – Winnie is based on the creators own Mum, her name is Catherine Winnifred Finch and everyone only ever called her Win, or Winnie. Sadly ‘Win’ is no longer with us in the physical world but she’ll never be forgotten.

If you check out Wins profile on the website, you’ll see her husband is Tom. Tom really was Wins husband and Graham’s Dad.

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