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Anyone for a coffee?

Hello, I am Alfred Collie but you can call me Alf. I’m here to give you the next thrilling instalment of the story which sits behind the creation of The Life Tree. If you’ve missed any previous blogs you can catch up by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Graham and Lisa met for a good breakfast in the hotel café area and immediately started throwing ideas around! Graham is a massive coffee lover and likes to work in coffee houses wherever he is.

He told Lisa they would work for at least 5 hours in a great coffee cafe he knew which was in the very centre of the town.

After breakfast the two set off, a 15 minute walk to the centre, it was cold this day but the sun was shining. Tallinn is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer!

Soon they were sitting in this amazing coffee house, a medieval building which was rich in atmosphere, a perfect place to create!

Ideas were flowing like running water and after about an hour the pair had decided that the very start of The Life Tree, its beating heart, should be a set of ‘core values and ideals’ which any good person would want to display in themselves, what a start, a picture which would be created around a set of solid life principles.

The pair started to list out their ideas independently of each other and then compared, agreeing some, discarding others, until a master list was agreed:

– That nature in all her forms is wonderful and should be appreciated and respected.

– Parents need to protect their kids; this is a key role, to keep them safe.

– Let Children be children, they grow up fast enough, allow them to play and be free of cares and worries

– Education, in all its forms, is important.

– In life be gracious, modest and humble.

– As we grow we all develop in different ways, we’re not all the same and this should be accepted.

– Strong partnerships and a secure family can give stability and confidence.

– Experience is perhaps our greatest education, experience teaches us many things.

– As you acquire then so to do you take on responsibility.

– Health equals wealth. Having your health is perhaps nature’s greatest gift to us all.

– Be open minded, embrace others and the culture of others, we are all different.

– Treat power with responsibility, don’t abuse it. ‘Power, first you use it, then you abuse it, then you lose it’ don’t make this mistake guys.

– Age is just a number; your mental outlook to life is far more significant.

– Learn to live with loss and deal with grief. None of us are here for ever, this is one of life’s few certainties and so dealing with this is a key part of our own development. 

In future Blogs we point out each section of The Life Tree which is built around one of the values listed above. If you are the lucky owner of a Life Tree then you now have a new dimension to consider when you look at your picture.

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