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‘Appreciating the Simple Things in Life’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #28

Good day one and all, time for blog 28, page 48 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

Adam Capper relaxes on the tree; he is watching a movie on his Microsoft laptop computer, enjoying a Pizza and a Coke, maybe he’s on Netflix who knows, but he’s happy and relaxed, perhaps it’s his day off today.

This verse is extremely important, you could interpret it that Adam is lazy; taking everything at a very slow pace, but this is not the true meaning of this verse.

In today’s world everything is done at lightning speed, we want instant response to everything. This is partly due to technology, we now shop, watch movies, play games, meet people, seek information, in fact anything at all can be done through a mobile phone or computer and at speed.

Adam warns us of the dangers this brings. We all see things we want but maybe cannot afford, we see rich people with their expensive life styles and this creates desire and greed in many people. Social media opens up the world and has many benefits but it also has dangers.

Adam is happy with having few possessions, enough to get by, he does not crave material wealth or possessions, he is already rich, and why, because as he explains to us, he has good health and for him this means his bank account is full. If we could all understand this important principle there can be no doubt the world would unite and be a better place for us all.

Adam, it is unlikely we will really listen but the message is a brilliant one, thank you for this.

Interesting Fact: The Life Tree recognises and embraces the importance of technology, you will find Microsoft, Google and Apple all within the picture, technology is here and vital now to daily lives.

But this verse warns us of the dangers of being greedy and envious, it also suggests we need to slow down once in a while and appreciate the simple things in life.

Steve Jobs is the creator of Apple computers, one of the world’s most successful and richest companies. Steve was one of the wealthiest men in the world but having contracted cancer no amount of money could save his life, I guess Steve would of given every penny away for the return of his health, of this there can be little doubt.

Steve also had very few possessions, even though he had a large home, he probably had many, they had very few things in them, empty rooms and you needed to sit on the floor. Steve believed that ‘stuff’ was an unnecessary distraction, mental clutter, how strange for man who had enough money to buy anything he wanted and maybe a good lesson for us all, it’s one that Adam has certainly embraced.