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Top facts about Racoons

Cheeky and endearing, The Life Tree loves Racoons!  Rory Racoon is a key character in our picture and so we thought we would find out a bit more about these super cute looking critters! Where do Racoons Live? Racoons are indigenous to the Americas.  They are found across southern Canada, most of the United States, […]

boy hugging dog

World Kindness Day 2017

13 November, is World Kindness Day and we are tickled pink to support it.  Our beautiful personalised picture, The Life Tree, is brimming with meaningful messages about life’s rich journey and one of the key missives is to treat other people (as well as animals) with kindness and compassion. World Kindness Day is going to […]

The Life Tree is loved by Mum bloggers

It’s official – Mum bloggers love The Life Tree!  At team Life Tree we are very passionate about our lovely picture and we want as many people as possible to see it, because to see The Life Tree is to love The Life Tree .  We sent their very own personalised Life Trees out to […]

Don't let your child feel lost and confused

Talking to your child about difficult issues

Talking to our kids about difficult issues can be such a worry for parents.  How do we talk to them about issues so that they can understand?  What language should we use?  Are there any subjects we should avoid?   Talking about sensitive issues with our children can be very tricky and the first thing […]

International Sloth Day

Celebrate International Sloth Day

The Life Tree celebrates International Sloth Day by bringing you some amazing facts about these gentle, slow-moving, tree-dwelling creatures. Have you ever wondered why sloths are so slow? How many toes does a two-toed sloth have? The answers will surprise you….

baby gorilla

10 Amazing Facts about Gorillas

A gorilla named John Aspinall is one of the central characters in The Life Tree picture.  Here at Life Tree HQ we find these majestic animals simply fascinating.  So for our interest and yours we have compiled a few interesting facts about gorillas that you might not know.   (1) There are two species and […]

personalised gifts

Personalised gifts continue to grow in popularity

Personalised gifts are a great way to show how much you care. They are gifts that will be treasured for a long time and are perfect to mark birthdays, Christmas or special occasions. We explore what makes the perfect personalised gift and why they are so popular.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is supported by The Life Tree #CCAM

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is supported by The Life Tree personalised children’s picture who partner with The Joshua Tree children’s charity. There is still time to get involved so read on for some ideas for showing your support and fundraising.

Gifts for children - a personalised picture

A Unique Gift for Children that will be Cherished Forever

It can be difficult to find a truly unique and special gift for children. Find out more about The Life Tree personalised picture and why it is not only a beautiful piece of art but is also an interactive and educational tool as well.

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