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‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #21

Yo to you all, its Lisa here to explain blog 21, page 34 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

This is a complex verse albeit written in a nice and understandable way.

We so often make judgments about people by what we see, not always what we know. Larry Southworth is a very clever guy, but he likes to look very different from everyone else, this is his style, coloured hair and funky clothes set Larry apart from most other people.

It is easy to make judgments about Larry without knowing him, this is a big mistake in life and one we all make on occasions. Try not to ‘judge’ people at all and certainly don’t ‘brand’ them just on how they look, people have personality, intelligence, humour, good conversation skills, artistic talent, the list is endless, you know none of a person’s skills and special talents just by looking at them. Keep an open mind about people you meet until you get to know them.

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