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‘Education is More Than Just School’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #23

Hello readers, today I explain blog 23, page 38 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

Education on all levels is very important, it shapes who we are. Sometimes though we ‘brand’ education as what we are taught in school, this is a misconception. Education is all around us, we are learning new things every day and this never stops throughout our whole lives.

Here’s an example, maybe you do not do so well at maths or English, you find it difficult to understand, but you excel at sport. Just because you struggle with one form of education, maths and English in this example, you excel in another area, sport. Understanding say football, knowing how to make that crucial pass, how to intercept a player and take the ball off him or her, this is a demonstration of the education you have and excel at, you read and understand the game, you are making millions of calculations in split seconds, you are equally as clever as your pal who is rubbish at football but brilliant at maths – you’re both equals, we all have an education and a talent, each and every one of us, the trick is to channel it into positive outcomes!!

Interesting Fact: Mike Study is based on Graham’s nephew whose name is Mike, he’s very clever currently studying at university in Amsterdam.