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‘Finding True Love’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #27

Hello readers, today I explain blog 27, page 46 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

We see Rory and Angela, the only two characters we follow from the bottom of the tree to the very top, they have been in love since they were at school, childhood sweethearts, standing on the steps which take them up through life. Angela has a huge smile on her face, no wonder; Rory is asking her to marry him, what do think her answer will be?

This wonderful verse is all about partnerships and the importance of finding true love. Good partnerships are strong and help people deal with everything life will throw at them. For Rory and Angela they have only ever wanted to be with each other and this partnership endures to the very top of the tree.

Throughout life in general partnerships are constantly tested, some endure and some do not, this is just the way it is.

Of courses Lisa accepts, there was never any doubt!!