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‘First Home’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #26

Hi dear readers, blog 26, page 44 is all about me, Lisa Beta! If you are following all of the blogs then you will realise just how thoughtful and complex The Life Tree really is!

Lisa has acquired her very first home, as she is young it is likely that she is renting, in 2019 it is very hard for young people to get a mortgage and buy their own house, and many stay at home with parents. Lisa has very few possessions of her own but enough to start with. She is excited but a little nervous; this is the start of true independence for Lisa. Many parents feel extremely sad when their kids move away, it may be they go to university or, like Lisa, move to their own home. For a parent the realisation that the little person they brought into the world is now independent is a very difficult transition. Of course all parents want to see their kids develop but many struggle when the house seems so quiet and empty without them. You see, no matter what age we all are, young, middle, older, we are still facing daily challenges and learning to deal with new things, this never ends in life.

Interesting Fact: Hugely talented artist Lisa Beta painted The Life Tree. Russian born Lisa is now married and lives with her husband in Poland. When asked which character she would like to be on the tree she had no doubt, the little Piggy was Lisa’s choice, ha ha, okay this is who you will be!!