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‘Growing up fast’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #19

Hello everyone, it’s Lisa; I’ve recently taken over from Cola explaining to you everything about the amazingly magical Life Tree.

Today I cover blog 19, page 30 of The Verses of Wisdom book,

Rory is now almost a teenager, tomorrow it’s his thirteenth birthday. His parents realise he is growing up fast and it seemed like only yesterday he was just a small boy.

Parents usually want their kids’ lives to slow down, for them they grow up far too quickly and for the kids it’s usually the opposite, as youngsters they just want to grow up fast and experience all life has to offer as quickly as possible.

Rory is delighted because at last (in his mind) he is almost a teenager. Rory, slow down lad, it won’t be too long, when you become an adult with responsibility, before you start to wish life would slow down for you, it’s a strange world we live in.

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