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‘How Cola Got His Name’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #25

Today I will explain blog 25, page 42 of The Verses of Wisdom book. If you are following all of the blogs then you will realise just how thoughtful and complex The Life Tree really is!

We see Cola standing by a chart with a graph on it; this is his very first big job and today he is presenting his ideas for business growth within his company. Cola is young but focussed on his career. He is only part way up the tree but already he takes life seriously. And this now will be his destiny for many, no longer a child, no longer a teenager, he’s a man!!

Interesting Fact: Cola Spangle is named after a sweet that was made by Mars Confectionary in the 60’s. The company made a product, and still do, named Tunes, these are cough sweets to help with sore throats. They changed the recipe slightly and added fruit flavours to produce a product they named Spangles. Once in a while they made a special edition, ‘Fizzy Cola Spangles’, these were cola flavoured and fizzed when you put them in your mouth. They were very popular with kids although today it is unlikely they could be sold, far too much sugar and additives. Nevertheless in the 60’s Fizzy Cola Spangles was a sensation.

So this is how Cola got his name, his wife is named Fizz