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‘Meeting Lisa Beta’ Written and Presented by Cola Spangle #5

Hi All, Cola with the next fascinating instalment of the story of The Life Tree.

Graham arrived in Tallinn and checked into the hotel, he was ahead of Lisa’s arrival by about 2 hours. He dropped off his case and sat in the lounge with a glass of red wine. Excited and a little nervous, how would the next important four days go, how would he get along with Lisa, would she work really hard to get the concept all down on her computer, many questions and all would be answered soon.

Lisa arrived a few hours later, it was now about 10pm, and checked into her room. Even though Graham had seen her on Skype it was somehow different meeting her for real, she was much taller than he thought, elegant and very beautiful, a lady of extreme talent, he shook her hand warmly, after a few months of Skype conversation it was nice to finally meet her.

Lisa also took a glass of red wine and the two talked about The Life Tree for several hours, it was about 1am before they both decided it was time to retire to their rooms. Graham went to sleep confident that Lisa had the passion to bring The Life Tree into the real world, from concept to reality.

Check my next post to hear how the ‘core values’ formed the very essence of The Life Tree.
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