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‘Seeking Recognition and Acceptance’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #22

Hello readers, I took over from Cola a few blogs ago and I am really enjoying explaining all of the special meanings contained within The Life Tree.

Today I explain blog 22, page 36 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

The Laughing Hyenas, so many Life Tree owners love these two mischievous lads. When we become teenagers we are changing from a child, although we are still legally classed as children, we are starting to understand about life, just a little at first, but adulthood is now beckoning.

We are going through an experimental period, we want try new things, some of which we should not really get involved with but it’s hard for us to make this choice unless we try it out for ourselves. Sadly no amount of wise words from our parents will detract us from experimenting, it’s just what teenagers do!

Trying to impress his friend, we all seek recognition and acceptance at this age and sometimes we do daft things to get noticed, one Hyena eats a red hot chilli, his pal howls with laughter and records it all on his mobile phone, no doubt minutes later it will be shared on social media!!

Anthony Howler and Declan Grin are the names of the two lads, yes you’ve guessed it, they are Ant & Dec