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‘Super Mum’ Written and Presented by Cola Spangle #11

Today we look at verse 5, page 14, and whilst this is a simple little verse it has a significant meaning.

This is super mum Jane Leaping and she’s very concerned about Rachel, her daughter. Rachel is now exploring, finding her feet she now wants to find out everything about everything!

Poor Jane is very anxious as Rachel plays with a red mushroom, look at the alarmed look on her face.

This is a difficult time for any Mum, letting go a little, understanding that finding things out, being exposed to life, is an all important part of growing up, Jane realises this but she’s still concerned, this is because she is a great Mum.

Interesting Fact: Jane leaping is based on a real person, Jane Lee who is indeed a super Mum with 3 daughters of her own. Jane has a sister, Rachel and this is why the little rabbit is so named.

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