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Tallinn, the medieval town of beauty and charm

Hi All, I’m Terry Trumpet and you can find me on The Life Tree with my amazing son Brad. I am reporting the next exciting instalment of The Life Tree story, over 2 years of painstaking work to bring it to reality!

Having now established contact with Lisa, Graham had several Skype sessions, Skype allows you to see each other and talk across your computers. The project was discussed at length and many ideas were exchanged.

After several discussions and some initial sketches drawn up by Lisa, both decided it would be a good idea to meet and go through all of the details. This was not as easy as both first thought.
Lisa enquired with the British Embassy in Moscow and it soon became clear that it would very difficult for her to get a visa to visit England. Graham also made enquiries about a visa for him to visit Moscow and whilst this was more likely to be granted it was going to take time and lots of paperwork.

After some ‘head scratching’ the pair decided it would be easier to meet in a country convenient for both to visit and one which did not require a visa for either Graham or Lisa. The magnificent city of Tallinn was chosen. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, a medieval town of beauty and charm.
Lisa could fly there is less than two hours and for Graham it was about 4 hours going via Amsterdam.

Take a look at the wonderful city for yourself!

Both agreed dates and set 4 days aside to completely outline the ideas which would eventually lead to the birth of The Life Tree. Little did they know that following the meeting in Tallinn it would still take another 12 months before both Graham and Lisa were fully satisfied with The Life Tree.

Alan Whicker with loyal friend Tukka Selfie will present the next blog to you and so for now, this is Terry Trumpet signing off.

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