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The Beginnings of The Life Tree with Cola Spangle

The Life Tree is now over 2 years old and continues to grow each and every day.

Everyone seems to love the picture, following all of the characters through the journey of life, but there is also a ‘behind the scenes’ story about how it was born, what inspired its creator, Graham Finch, to produce this wonderful story depicted within a magnificent picture and explained in the Verses of Wisdom book

Hello, I’m Cola Spangle and I’m going to tell you the story of The Life Tree and all of the secrets contained within it, today we’ll start with how The Life Tree was born, what inspired its creator to grow this magnificent tree!

It all started with an episode of Dragons Den in 2014 when a product named ‘I Lost My Name Books’ a personalised book, was presented by its creators, it was a great idea and won support from a Dragon.

Hmmm, Graham mused, what a great idea, a personalised book about how a child loses and then finds their name, could this be transferred to artwork? The idea of The Life Tree was born!

Graham started to map out in his mind and on paper how it could all come together but it would take almost two years before the project came fully to life.

Check in on my next blog and read about all the work Graham and his team put in place to bring The Life Tree literally to life, it’s a fascinating insight and a spectacular journey.

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