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The story of the amazingly magical Life Tree continues

Hi All, Cola here and back to continue the amazing story of The Life Tree.

In my last Blog you learned how the idea for The Life Tree came about, initially from an episode of Dragons Den. Today, learn more about the work and effort which needed to go into the project in order to bring it literally to life.

Graham, the original creator, spent about 6 months mapping out the entire scope of The Life Tree, ideas, plans, how it may look, all captured in notes he stored on his computer. With a vision of what he wanted it was now time to start turning ideas into reality and the first job was to find the best illustrator he could. Little did Graham realise as he started to search the internet for his artist that it would be another year before the birth of the very first Life Tree.

The internet literally shrinks the globe and so finding an artist would be a worldwide search looking for the very best. Many people were approached and asked to submit a few ideas or samples of their best work but no one really shone in Graham’s eyes. Was he ever going to find his artist?

His search continued and widened, London agencies specialising in promoting illustrators work were contacted and then bingo, Graham saw pictures from a Russian artist who used the name Lisa Beta as her tag. The illustrations she produced were just amazing, perfectly drawn in wonderful colours and many contained fantastic humour. Lisa was on Graham’s radar and so he set about tracking her down but as she was living in Moscow this was quite a challenge.

Facebook came to the rescue and Graham sent several messages to Lisa but she didn’t reply; he was concerned that being so far away and having random messages from an Englishman who claimed to be a publisher with an amazing concept to discuss with her was a little hard to believe. How could he get Lisa to reply, what would be the trigger?

In my next Blog post you’ll find out how Graham persuaded Lisa to reply, the solution was actually starring him in the face all along but it took a while for him to realise what it was.

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