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‘Turbulent Teens’ Written and Presented by Cola Spangle #17

Hi Folks. It’s Cola here writing blog 17,

This is my final blog; the next one is being announced by Lisa Beta, the little pink pig!

Today we look at page 26 of The Verses of Wisdom book and we see little Ellie Prickle,

Ellie is a turbulent teenager and she wants her own way about everything!

This links into a core value, ‘As children we all develop in different ways and this is a good thing’

Parents will be familiar with the ‘turbulent teens’ which many children this age go through; it can be a difficult period for both children and parents. Young teenagers develop good thinking skills, they are challenging and want to express their own identity, and in short they are moving away from childhood to young adults, this usually takes a few years.

Many parents recognise Ellie’s behaviour in their own children.

A ‘Keep Out’ sign is outside Ellie’s room, she wants privacy now, as she protests “I’m ME can’t you see and I’ll do it may way!!”

Interesting Fact: Ellie Prickle is based on Graham’s, The Life Tree’s creator, own Niece Eleanor. She was very stubborn and opinionated as a teenager and sometimes pretty hard work, but as for most kids in their teens this ‘attitude’ didn’t last too long.

Eleanor is now in her mid-twenties and although still very stubborn and opinionated she has matured into a very balanced and capable adult although she still finds it hard to admit when she is wrong and say sorry, ha ha ha some things will never change Ellie!