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What did it take?

Hi All, its Cola, back with you to continue the story of The Life Tree. In my last post you learned that getting hold of Moscow based Russian artist Lisa Beta was proving a challenge as she hadn’t replied to numerous

 Facebook messages from Graham. Undaunted and being a natural born salesman Graham had a plan to capture the interest of this amazing illustrator, he would appeal to her creative juices!

Not wanting to be a nuisance or worse still, Lisa blocking him on Facebook, Graham decided this would be his final message, if this failed he was unsure how he would find her.

He outlined his ideas for The Life Tree in detail, he explained how this was to become a magical piece of work, far more than a picture, how no one will ever own a Life Tree, they are simply its Guardian committed to take care of it and hand it on to future generations, The Life Tree he explained, requires a commitment for life and beyond , it needed the exquisite touch of Lisa Beta to bring it to a visual reality, he appealed to Lisa, will you help us?

It worked, within hours Lisa had replied, little did she realise she was about to commit the next 12 months of her artistic life to The Life Tree and for Graham the magic of The Life Tree was already starting to work, its power had influenced Lisa when nothing previously had worked!

I’m handing over to Terry Trumpet who will present the next Blog. Terry will tell you what happened next, Skype calls with Lisa and a meeting in Tallinn, Estonia.

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