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‘What Gives us Stability’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #18

We welcome Lisa Beta who has taken over from Cola and will be explaining the next series of blogs to us all, thank you Lisa.

Today she explains blog 18, page 28 of The Verses of Wisdom book,

Rory Racoon and Angela Fox are the only two characters who we can follow from the very base of The Life Tree to its top.

These two guys meet at school and start a friendship which in time, although they don’t realise this yet, blossoms into a lifelong and enduring partnership, a true love story.

Do you remember your first love, most of us do, and how you behaved, this is all explained in the verse on page 28.

Rory is carving the word ‘WE’ into the trunk of The Life Tree because this is how he feels about Angela, he is not alone and he includes her in most things he does, Angela in return feels the same, they are a team, they are ‘WE’ and Rory captures this in his carving.

This verse links into another core value, ‘Strong partnerships and family life can give us stability’ throughout our lives.

Interesting Fact: Little piggy Lisa is named after the artist who designed and painted The Life Tree. Russian artist Lisa Beta, when asked which character she herself wanted to be immediately chose the little piggy who is seen moving into her first home on the tree.

And so why did Lisa choose the pig?

Well, pigs are sometimes thought of as quite messy animals although in actual fact they are very clean if kept in the right conditions. Lisa herself can be very messy, particularly when she goes away and stays in a hotel where she is likely just to tip all the contents of suitcase onto the floor rather than hang the clothes up or put them into a drawer.

She explains this by saying it is her organised chaos and she prefers this than complete order, she’s an artist and a creative and so maybe this explains her logic 🙂.