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‘Young Adulthood’ Written and Presented by Lisa Beta #24

Hello readers, today I explain blog 24, page 40 of The Verses of Wisdom book.

As we move from teenagers to young adults we may have had several jobs, a few pay rises, it’s likely we have a bit of spare cash in our pockets to spend on going out and having fun.

This is a transitional period, a move to young adults and a time when we need to take more accountability for our lives, our behaviour and the way we conduct ourselves, it is again a very important period within our lives as we gather still more experiences and temptations that money can offer us all!

Interesting fact: The guy making cocktails behind the bar has a rather famous name; he is Tom Cruise and is based on the famous actor of the same name. Tom appeared in a film made in 1988, ‘Cocktail’ playing the part of a bar tender named Brian Flanagan.