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A Personalised Picture and a Book of Verse

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A best-selling picture with a name or message secretly embedded.

Your Life Tree comes with a magical book, the Verses of Wisdom.

... and did we mention our free app?

“A really unique gift that I imagine will be kept and treasured for life - an amazing item.”

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A personalised picture

Personalised with your own name or message.

A personalised picture featuring a unique name or message, chosen by you.

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Beautifully Illustrated Verses of Wisdom Book.

Follow all of The Life Tree characters through their enchanting adventure.

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The Verses of Wisdom Book, free with every purchase of The Life Tree
Tap the App - your interactive Life Tree

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Listen to the Verses of Wisdom by downloading the free app for iPhone® and iPad®.

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Certificate of Authenticity.

The Life Tree comes complete with a signed certificate from the artist, Lisa Beta.

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Certificate of Authenticity