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A Personalised Picture

No two Life Tree’s will ever be the same because each person will see something different as they interact with the characters on their own personal journey, and of course, every Life Tree has a secret name or message secretly embedded within it.

We’ve hidden the name CLEMENTINE in the picture below.


The Life Tree. Can you find the letters?

The Verses of Wisdom Book

The amazingly magical Verses of Wisdom are beautifully reproduced in a colourful high gloss book.

The story of the artist Lisa Beta, the background to The Life Tree and all of the enchanting and thought provoking verses are wonderfully illustrated in this lifelong keepsake. Together with their Life Tree picture, each customer receives this magical book containing 31 captivating Verses of Wisdom each relating to a scene within The Life Tree picture.

A magical reading experience for everyone!

Certificate of Authenticity

Having The Life Tree picture hanging on your wall is quite a responsibility. Once you have written your name at the top of the certificate you have made a serious pledge and one you must honour! Your certificate of authenticity is unique to you and is signed by Lisa Beta, the artist.

Tap the App

The Life Tree – a talking picture!

Let the characters of The Life Tree speak to you using our magical app. Download it now, for free, on your iPhone® or iPad® and tap on the characters to hear the Verses of Wisdom read out.

Download for free on the Apple App Store® (no purchase necessary)

About the Artist

Lisa Beta - The Life Tree Artist

Russian artist Lisa Beta had the best start an illustrator could want as her father was both an illustrator and animator. He taught her how to draw, and she grew up surrounded by illustration and animation work. These rich creative roots have served her well, and their influence can be seen in her cartoony, character-led imagery. Lisa graduated Lomonosov State University in Moscow.

Lisa’s images are cartoonish, colourful and fun, and she gives each of her characters life and their own backgrounds. Although they’re created in 2D, there’s a 3D feel to them thanks to the careful way she uses lighting to give them depth. Her sketches are drawn by hand and are then scanned and worked up in 2D using Adobe Photoshop.

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