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The Life Tree books for kids of all ages

Make a child feel extraordinarily special with The Life Tree books.

Each book stimulates your child’s senses in a different way, the rhythm of the verses especially when read in conjunction with our free app, the understanding of all of the special animals in the tree or developing colouring and mental agility with our colouring and activity book.

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Describes each section of The Life Tree.

Verses of Wisdom

Breaks down each section of The Life Tree and in wonderful verse helps children understand and make sense of many of life’s challenges but in a way which is fun and engaging.

All ages


Stimulates imagination.

Meet the Characters Book

Packed with interesting facts and wonderful illustrations about every character who lives in The Life Tree and is a must read for every parent and child.

All ages


Offers drawing, colouring, reading and creativity. 

Colouring & Activity Book

Over 30 pages packed with interesting facts, quiz questions and wonderful illustrations for you to colour in, it’s a must have for every parent and child.

Age 6+


Stimulate all of your child’s senses and maybe your own to!

Our Trio of Books

Buy all 3 books and save money, a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection and now at a discounted price. Stimulate all your child’s senses today!

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Our best-selling picture with a name or message secretly embedded, the Verses of Wisdom, a Colouring & Activity book, plus ‘Meet the Characters’, a signed certificate of authenticity and the FREE app all for just £99!

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